Representative Cases Arbitrated

by Sherman Fogel

  • a four week hearing involving a $10 Billion claim against a very well known public company arising out of the failure of a start up e-commerce business
  • an international contract dispute between a local “Fortune Five Hundred” company and a Swiss Corporation
  • multi-million dollar construction dispute between a publicly held corporate owner and a large multi-state contractor involving the construction of a paper pulping plants
  • $3 Million contract dispute between a grower and a food processing company involving the financing, growing, harvesting, processing and delivery of organic produce
  • dispute involving the split up of a medical practice involving employment issues, share transfer restrictions and allegations of disability insurance fraud
  • dispute between developer of master planned community and owner of a commercial parcel within the community regarding alleged violations of the covenants, conditions and restrictions which could require destruction and removal of a partially constructed 8500 square foot commercial building
  • dispute between a large regional hospital and a national health insurance provider
  • dispute between the franchisor and a franchisee involving a product and process utilized in the construction industry
  • multi-million dollar dispute involving breach of executive employment contracts by the publicly held surviving entity following a merger
  • dispute between the franchisor and a franchisee involving site selection, construction and operation of multiple restaurants
  • $10 Million claim arising out of the split up of a family owned steel business having multiple divisions operating in several states
  • $20 Million claim between joint venture partners holding the patents to several important medical devises arising out of the sale of their company to a publicly held pharmaceutical company
  • dispute involving the supervised dissolution and liquidation of three inter-related medical and medical real estate partnerships and limited liability companies
  • dispute between a mining corporation and a contractor involving claims for additional compensation relating to dewatering of contaminated surface and ground water on the job site
  • claim by the limited partners, individually and derivatively against the general partners of several real estate investment limited partnerships and limited liability companies
  • multi-million dollar claim brought by a large national, but privately owned, corporation involving insurance coverage issues
  • multi-million dollar international contract dispute between a domestic family owned corporation and a Japanese mega-company arising out of the purchase and sale of commercial printing presses
  • five week hearing involving a twenty-six million dollar breach of contract dispute between two “Fortune Five Hundred” companies regarding the manufacture, sale, maintenance and repair of military hardware
  • Dispute arising out of a failed contract for the sale of a private water company due to the failure to obtain the timely transfer of the certificates of convenience and necessity
  • numerous general contract, corporate, partnership, real estate and other commercial disputes

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